Big Bad Wolf Security offers a place where you can do interesting, impactful technology work with great co-workers. This isn't just another run-of-the-mill services company that does the same old development for hire. We have a reputation for being able to solve hard problems well, which attracts good customers with good work. We typically do consulting work work with a product mindset (we're in the middle of building two products right now and have launched a third product in the past). We are small, but growing so there is plenty of room for you to have an impact.

Other things to keep in mind about working with us:

  • 100% remote - we are a remote first company started by people that have been working remotely for years. We know how to build a happy, functioning remote working culture. You are free to live where you like as long as you have good overlap in working hours with the team.
  • Work life boundaries - we organize the company so that you can work clear, reasonable hours and then live your life. There are no expectations that you constantly check your email or Slack while you are not at work (you can view our actual company policyon encouraging deep work, avoiding distractions, and maintaining work separation). No gimmicks like unlimited vacation: you know what vacation time you have and are free to take that time. We all work hard while at work and then enjoy the rest of our lives.
  • Great coworkers - life is too short to work with jerks, so we have a strict no jerk policy. We also have an interesting group of people that use their non-work time well, whether that's playing music or sustainable farming.
  • Generous benefits - we offer 100% employer paid health, dental, vision, 401k, and generous paid time off.

Unfortunately, because some of our work is for the U.S. government we are only hiring U.S. Citizens living in the U.S. at the moment. We hate that this excludes lots of great people, but that's the nature of our work. If that changes, we will update this page.

Open Positions

Lead Rust / Linux Developer

Help build a Linux desktop secure virtualization product that will be deployed to tens of thousands of users. This is a unique oppurtunity to build a desktop-focused Linux product with a great tech stack: KVM, libvirt, rust, rpm-ostree. We are a small team of very experienced Linux developers looking to add another experienced developer. Experience we are looking for:

  • Linux - in-depth understanding and experience with Linux development, packaging, and how distributions are built. Sort of "full-stack" Linux development. This project will both write all of the application code, but also package that into an installable RHEL-based distribution and provide updates. So it's crucial that you be able to contribute to all aspects of that process. Your experience doesn't have to be with Red Hat based distros, though that would be great.
  • Software Development - this is ultimately a software development role, so you need to be a strong developer. Most of the new code will be in Rust, so experience with Rust is welcome, but experience with other compiled, statically typed languages is fine. Much of the development will be "systems programming", so knowledge and experience with low-level operating system details is helpful. But there is also going to be user interface development, scripting, and other bits to bring the whole system together, so a breadth of experience is welcome.
  • Security - this is a security product (the virtualization is being used to provide separation and data confidentiality), so some experience with security fundamentals is helpful. At a minimum, knowledge of secure coding practices and basic Linux access control is required. Knowledge of other aspects of security is a plus (encryption, advanced access control, secure design). A strong desire to learn more about security is a must.
  • Good writing skills - creating good documentation is part of the core principles of the project. You don't have to be Shakespeare, but you need to be able to write clearly.
  • Leadership - as a lead developer on this project, you need to be capable of both writing code and providing team leadership. So that means experience organizing work, assisting more junior team members, interfacing with the customer, and generally making the project a success beyond just individual contribution.

For this Lead Rust / Linux Developer position we are targeting someone with at least 5 - 6 years of experience, but are open to more experienced developers (and welcome older developers in general).

SELinux Developer

If you are interested in SELinux, this is an opportunity to dive deep by working on systems that use SELinux to its full potential and work with one of the most experienced SELinux developers in the world. If you have SELinux experience or Linux security experience and a desire to learn SELinux please contact us.

SEL4 Developer

We have some upcoming projects using SEL4 ( If you have experience with secure operating systems / microkernels and are interested in SEL4 please get in touch. This is the practical application of SEL4 to real systems not the formal verification work, so you do not need a formal verification background (though it's certainly welcome if you have that experience).