About Us

Our Story

Big Bad Wolf Security, LLC was founded in 2014 by Karl MacMillan with two goals: provide specialized security consulting and develop interesting new technology. So far, we have helped many customers, have contributed to a range of open source projects, and have spun off two new products. We would love to help you with whatever security challenging is keeping you up.

karl macmillan

Our Name

There are two reasons for the name. First is just that it's a fun metaphor: we are a defensive computer security company, so we are building brick houses to provide protection from the big bad wolves in the world. The other reason is that the MacMillan family has a long history of building with bricks. James Wilson MacMillan, a direct ancestor of Karl MacMillan, owned a prominent brick factory in Georgia in the early twentienth century, even providing some bricks for Flannery O'Connor's house.

macmillan bricks